Golden Businesses


North Golden
This newest business district, in the newest part of town, offers several restaurants and services.

Historic Downtown
Our historic downtown shopping district has been here as long as Golden has, with the first stores opening in 1859.  Today it serves as the heart of our community, with great shops and restaurants, two hotels, several bed and breakfasts, and a full range of services.

Central Golden
In addition to the Safeway grocery store, this area has a bank, hair salon, nail salon, restaurants, a shipping store, a children’s consignment store, and two auto repair shops.

South Golden
This section of town includes many fast food restaurants as well as fine dining options, several auto-related businesses, a thrift store, and King Sooper’s grocery store.

This area includes several “big box” stores and contributes greatly to Golden’s tax base.  Restaurants, a bank, several hotels, and a drivers license facility are also available here.

Heritage Square
This Victorian-themed amusement park includes an alpine slide, several children’s rides, go-karts, and an arcade.

Golden Ridge
This service area includes many service businesses and a good Mexican restaurant.