Local farmer brings unique business to residents’ backyards in Golden

By Josie Klemaier

JEFFERSON COUNTY —Sean Conway will come to your home and tend your yard, but he is not your average gardener. Actually, he is a farmer.

Conway’s Lakewood-based business Micro Farms peddles fresh produce that is grown in small plots in residents’ backyards. Property owners do not have to do any of the work, and they get a share of the crop in exchange for allowing him to farm their land…  Read more…

Business Q&A: The Stitching Factory, Golden

Interview with Lauren Giebler, owner

Q: How did you get involved in this business?

A: I started sewing when I was 7 years old and have been making most of my own clothing for almost three decades. I was lucky enough to grow up with access to sewing machines and knowledgeable sewists, something that is rare for many people today…  Read more…

Colorado School of Mines’ Edgar Mine celebrates 150 years on Sept. 19

GOLDEN, Colo., Aug. 27, 2015 – The Colorado School of Mines Edgar Experimental Mine celebrates its 150th birthday on Sept. 19 with a gold rush era event between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the mine (365 8th Ave, Idaho Springs, CO).

Colorado School of Mines Edgar Experimental Mine in 1963.In the 1870s, the mine produced high-grade silver, gold, lead and copper. Today, as an underground laboratory for future engineers, the mine provides students with a unique hands-on experience in underground mine surveying, geological mapping, rock fragmentation and blasting practice, mine ventilation field studies, rock mechanics instrumentation practice, underground mine unit operations, rescue training and mine safety…  Read more…

Live music brings connections

By Christy Steadman

It’s all about the experience — the spontaneity, the transfer of energy, the cohesive feeling.

“Music is, and always will be, a viable art form,” said Alexei Hammerle, a concert promoter and booker with local company Swinging Noose Productions. “Live music is about making somebody happy or reaching them on another level.”  Read more…

Women’s Pro Challenge rolls to first finish

By Christy Steadman

The fifth annual USA Pro Challenge will always be remembered as the year women pro cyclists first took part in the state’s biggest professional bike race.

“This race alone has made my comeback worth it,” said Kristin Armstrong, overall winner of the inaugural Women’s USA Pro Challenge. “This is historical. I’m so happy and proud to be part of this moment. I’m happy to do whatever I can do to help grow this sport.”  Read more…

My name is Jesse Crock

By Christy Steadman

I’ve been doing art professionally for about 15 years. But I still have to have a real job. I am an elementary school art teacher in Jefferson County. I really do enjoy my job. I love how if I get excited about a new project or artist, the kids will do the same. I love how they find joy in the simple things. Their energy is infectious…  Read more…

Golden dad out on evening bike ride killed by alleged drunk driver

By John Aguilar and Tom McGhee

Money is pouring in to help the family of a 38-year-old Golden man who was struck and killed on his bike on Lookout Mountain Road Friday night by a man police say was driving drunk.

More than $23,000 had been raised on  GoFundMe.com as of early Monday afternoon in support of Thomas Flanagan’s wife and 7-year-old son…  Read more…