Inside the works

On Oct. 13 during a city council meeting, 10 people were handed a diploma and a special gift — their very own street sign — for completing the City of Golden’s Public Works Citizens’ Academy.

The 20-hour program is designed to demonstrate how the public works department operates and how it provides services to the community…  Read more…

Calculating Risk

Mines engineers are making a name for themselves in the growing world of extreme sports.

For Mickey Wilson ’11, MS ’12, it’s just another day at the office.

Sporting baggy jeans, a black ball cap and an intensely focused look, the physics and metallurgical engineering graduate steps onto a 2-inch wide strap of webbing suspended a dizzying 460 feet above the blinking Las Vegas Strip. Guests at the nearby Mandalay Bay casino look up nervously as he moves toward the center, riding the line surfer-style and wildly rocking it back and forth…  Read more…

Mines tackles treating PFC-contaminated water

Colorado School of Mines has played a key role in identifying the problem of perfluorochemicals, sometimes called PFCs, in U.S. drinking water and their association with industrial sites, wastewater treatment plants and military fire training areas. Now Mines is partnering with industry experts and the U.S. Air Force to find a solution to treating the problem of fluorochemical contaminants in our water supply…  Read more…

Jefferson Symphony Holiday Concert Festive Music with a Classical Touch

What would the holiday season be like without the sounds of our favorite festive music? It’s often what puts a smile on our faces amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing for celebrations. That’s why the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra (JSO) has included a holiday concert as part of its classical concert season for as long as we can remember. It has become a beloved tradition for many in the Denver and Golden area to attend each year…  Read more…

State Rep. Tim Leonard facing possible jail time

Magistrate: “[T]he Court will enter a punitive sanction and I can tell you Mr. Leonard, you are not going to like it.”

[This article concerns a co-founder of Golden View Classical Academy in Golden.]

The campaign website for state Rep. Tim Leonard of Evergreen portrays him as a successful businessman and devoted father who’s dedicated to “[r]aising healthy, holy, and happy children.”   Read more…


Friday October 21st – The Jazz Cats Tribute to Jack McCutchan


Jazz … unique American art form, key to which is “improvisation,” communication between performers and listeners, give-and-take  between musicians over songs from the Great American Songbook. “The Jazz Cats” swing, playing “mainstream” jazz of the 1950’s.

The Jazz Cats will be playing tonight (Friday, October 21st) at Windy Saddle Cafe, 1110 Washington Avenue, from 6:30-8:30.  Tonight’s performance is dedicated to the late, great, Jack McCutchan, a long-time member of the group.

Stop by!  No cover charge.  Food, beer, and wine will be available from the cafe.