Special offer from 5280CrossFit

5280CrossFit Golden Colorado

5280 CrossFit is offering a free nutritional consultation to new members who join between November 15th – December 31st. One of the biggest benefits of a class at 5280 CrossFit is how effective it is at burning a high number of calories in a short period of time. When combined with proper nutrition, people’s bodies change dramatically… almost magically!

New members at 5280 Crossfit also receive five personal training sessions focused on safety and proper technique. Each workout makes you feel incredibly accomplished, strong, and like you could tackle anything else that comes your way.

The 5280 CrossFit community supports long-term health-and-fitness success for every-day people in the Golden area by providing a total body strength and conditioning program. Everyone deserves to feel the powerful rush of victory, challenge, competition, and triumph regardless of age, background, or fitness level.

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