Golden Beer Talks: Coors Sustainability

Golden Beer Talks

This month’s Golden Beer Talk features Fred Linton, the Environmental and Sustainability Engineer for the Coors Brewery in Golden.  Coors strives to reduce environmental impacts at every stage of the brewing process.  They focus on three main areas:

  • Reducing water use in their manufacturing facilities and agricultural supply chain
  • Reducing their carbon footprint across their value chain
  • Eliminating waste at all major manufacturing facilities

Fred will share some of the gains across MillerCoors and some of the gains specifically at the Golden Brewery and how they achieved them.

Golden Beer Talks take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 at Windy Saddle Cafe.  We’ll hope to see you this Tuesday, the 13th.  Naturally, we will be featuring a Coors product–Colorado Native!  Learn more….

Pony Rides at Aegis Realty!

Golden’s newest real estate office, Aegis Professional Realty, is having an open house today from 11-1:30.  The office is located in an historic house in the emerging Goosetown neighborhood.

Please join us for a Holiday Open House at our historic office. We’ll have pony rides, cookie decorating, and plenty of food and drinks. We will also be partnering with Golden Santa – gift tags will be on our tree for donations to seniors in Golden.

Aegis Professional Realty  |  514 9th Street  |  720-363-5626  |  (map)

Heritage Square Ornament

LGAA Ornament

The Leadership Golden Alumni Association releases a limited edition Christmas ornament each year, showing a distinctive Golden scene or landmark.  This year’s ornament commemorates Heritage Square.  The Music Hall was one of many “main street” buildings that were demolished this year, after the alpine slide & shopping attractions were closed.

This year’s ornament is selling like hotcakes, so if you want one, don’t delay.  The ornaments are available at the Golden Visitors Center, Avenue Gifts, and Creekside Jewelers.

Proceeds from the annual ornament sale fund the Leadership Golden class, which runs every year, beginning late August/early September.

Buy ornaments at:

Avenue Gifts  |  1212 Washington  |  303-279-0200  |  Map
Creekside Jewelers  | 1206 Washington  | 303-279-4246  |  Map
Golden Visitors Center  |  1010 Washington  |  Map

How are you feeling?

8 Weeks to Wellness

Doctors Scott and Leah Hahn offer a program called 8 Weeks to Wellness.  During an 8-week span, they work with patients to improve the three pillars of health: eating well, moving well, and thinking well.  Several Golden community members have participated in the program with dramatic results.  See Jim Smith’s recent blog about his success in 8 Weeks to Wellness.

The Hahns are offering a free information session tonight at 6:30 at their facility, 755 Heritage Road, Golden.  Call 303-215-0390 to reserve your seat(s). You will be offered big discounts on “8 Weeks to Wellness.”

Body in Balance Wellness Center  |  755 Heritage Rd, Unit 110  |  303-215-0390

Decorate Golden-Style

Andrew Terrill Photography

Here’s some good news for those of us who love looking at Golden.  One of our finest photographers, Andrew Terrill, is now selling prints of his most popular photos through a website,   His photos are available framed or unframed.  The images can be printed on canvas, acrylic, metal, or wood.  You can even buy them as decorator items–pillows, duvet covers…even a shower curtain!

You’ve seen Andrew’s work a number of times as cover artwork on The Golden Informer.  Several of his pictures were also used in the Olde Golden Christmas book.

Now you can decorate your home or office with Andrew’s exquisite images of Golden.  To browse the collection and place an order, visit

Olde Golden Christmas Book


Olde Golden Christmas, by local author Barb Warden, captures the beauty and magic of the holiday season in Golden. Two dozen local photographers contributed images of the Candlelight Walk, the Saturday morning parades, entertainment in the stores and on the streets downtown, breakfast with Santa, and the holiday lighting.

This book makes a perfect gift for Golden neighbors, friends & relatives who love to visit Golden, or an office gift exchange.  You’ll also enjoy having a copy in your own home.  Olde Golden Christmas is available for $19.95 at Baby Doe’s Clothing, and Avenue Gifts.

Baby Doe’s  |  1116 Washington Avenue  |  303-279-8100  |  Map
Avenue Gifts  |  1212 Washington  |  303-279-0200  |  Map

New Distillery

Ski Bum Rum

Golden has a new distillery–Ski Bum Rum.   Last Run is a silver rum with robust brown sugar flavors and notes of banana and tropical fruits.  Local Legend Spiced Rum is made with Colorado wildflower honey, allspice, black peppercorn, and cinnamon stick to make an impossibly delicious spiced rum, the stuff of legends.  Ryan Max Riley, their Master Distiller, is a true rum artisan trained at some of the best distilleries in the world.

Check out their new tasting room. It’s a cross between a ski bar and a forest. You can see their handmade copper pot still and bubbling fermenter in action, sit down on a stump to have a chat with the Master Distiller Ryan about our artisanal rums, and enjoy some while watching great ski movies.

Ski Bum Rum Bar & Distillery  |  331 Corporate Circle, Suite C  |  970-401-2271 |  Map

Soaps & Cider at Spinster Sisters


Golden’s own Spinster Sisters is being incredibly charitable this December.  Each Saturday, they are donating 10% of all store sales to a worthy cause.  They are also serving cider and cookies and will have a DIY salt soak station for kids and adults to mix their own scents.

December 3rd (today) proceeds will benefit Colorado State Beekeeper’s Association.  The CSBA exists for the purpose of producing better beekeeping methods, better beekeepers, and a more unified system of apicultural work in Colorado. W

December 10th proceeds will be donated to Earth Force. Earth Force is an international non-profit that believes young people should play a central role in building environmentally resilient communities.

December 17th proceeds will be donated to Foothills Animal Shelter. They care for more than 9,500 orphaned cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and critters every year.

Spinster Sisters  |  908 12th Street  |  303.501.0005  |  Map

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