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1. colored or shining like gold.

"curls of glossy golden hair"

synonyms: blond/blonde, yellow, fair, flaxen, tow-colored

"her golden hair"

antonyms: dark, raven

2. made or consisting of gold.

"a golden crown"

3. (of a period) very happy and prosperous.

"those golden days before World War I"

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Golden (continued)


synonyms: successful, prosperous, flourishing, thriving

antonyms: unsuccessful, unhappy

– (of an opportunity) very favorable.

"a golden opportunity to boost foreign trade"

synonyms: excellent, fine, superb, splendid

4. (of a singing voice) rich and smooth.

"a choir of young golden voices"

5. denoting the fiftieth year of something.

"the American Ballet Theater's golden anniversary extravaganza"


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