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    The Heritage Amusement Park is still a delight in the summer of 2016!

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    Golden.comIf you're feeling nostalgic about Heritage Square, make sure you spend some time at the Heritage Square Amusement Heritage Amusement Park, which is still going strong, and just as delightful as ever! The buildings that held the stores are closed, but Wings of Eagles moved to historic downtown Golden. Go visit them at 805 12th Street!

    1 day ago

    Lorna HubertI remember going there and it was shortly after I moved to Golden. Then I couldn't remember where it was...ha...didn't they have an outdoor bar with a bunch of kinda of beer, pretty sure that that's why my date wanted to go there..

    24 hours ago

    Golden.comI think they still have beer at the outdoor bar!

    21 hours ago   ·  1

    LaDonna Frick SparksKenzley Sparks take your Kentucky friends here!

    19 hours ago

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